Proud to be Offering Pain Relief from Broken or Missing Teeth

For patients living in pain from broken, missing or decaying teeth, Dr. Wood offers relief through dental crowns and dental bridges. Which is right for you?

Crowns vs. Bridges

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is essentially a cap for a decaying, cracked or severely damaged tooth.

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Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a replacement tooth that is anchored by one or more crowns on either side. Dental bridges are best for replacing missing teeth.

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The Dental Crown Procedure, No Crowns in a Day Done Here

While many San Antonio dentists boast about a one day crown service, Dr. Wood’s crowns take two visits and for good reason. A crown made in one day does not fit as well and your choice of material is limited to what the office has in stock.

In contrast, Dr. Wood’s dental crown procedure includes sending off the mold of your tooth to a high end lab that creates a custom, well-fitting and perfectly matched crown. In between visits you will be fitted with a temporary crown that is easy to remove when your perfect match crown is ready.

E-Max Crowns

E-MAX crowns are a type of all-ceramic crown with a aesthetic translucent color and extra strength and durability that makes for a that is longer lasting and attractive smile. Due to their shape and color, these crowns are the best match for your natural smile and surrounding teeth. They also create a seamless and natural gum line because no metal base is used in this crown, so no grey lines are detectable. E-max crowns are stronger and chip less than zirconia layered crowns.

To fit the crown, a small portion of your tooth is removed to create room. Then a mold is filled with dental putty which you will bite into. The impression left in the putty is used to make a cast for your new crown to be a perfect fit against your tooth. You will have a temporary crown during this time for a couple of weeks. Next time you’re in the office you will be fitted with your new, clean and polished crown.

Dental Bridge Procedures – Fixed and Removable Bridges Available

Once you and Dr. Wood have determined that a dental bridge is your best option, he’ll work to prep the teeth on either side of your missing tooth so that they can act as anchors. A temporary bridge is then crafted while your impression is sent off to a high end lab to be professionally made just for you. On your return visit, your permanent bridge is ready to be cemented to your teeth.

Don’t let the pain of missing, decayed or damaged teeth keep you from enjoying life.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Stephen Wood today and discover if a bridge or crown is the best solution for relief.

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